Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally....New Floor

It's about time I got this post up...sorry for the delay.

Here are some pics of our kitchen flooring project and the final look with the new countertops and new floor both.

Old kitchen with old counters and old floor This is what our kitchen basically looked like when we moved into our house. Old faux butcherblock countertops and a tan and cream plaid floor. This was a shot I took before we removed the countertops a while back, so that is why there is nothing on the counters really.

Old floor looking towards the pantry This is more of a close up of the floor (which wasn't in terrible condition but was very outdated looking). This is looking from near the kitchen sink towards our pantry. The doors are already off the pantry and everything that is normally on the floor in there is gone to another room.

We had to move the fridge, washer and dryer all into the family room, and then the stove and dishwasher into our dining room in order to do this flooring project.

During rollout and cutting to fit This shot is during the rollout of the new floor. We had to take this 12x16 roll of linoleum and try to fit it and cut it while not tearing it...it was quite the feat and not something I would like to repeat anytime soon. Fortunately, we had done the floor in our little guest bathroom first so we kind of had an idea of how to proceed. Obviously, we didn't eat out of this kitchen for a few days, but we did have the fridge, the microwave and coffee maker plugged in, so we could do snacks and drinks.

New floor looking towards pantry This is just a comparison shot from the same location as the old floor shot above. This is looking towards the pantry from the kitchen sink after the floor was finished and all molding and doors had been replaced. I think the patter is much more modern looking and now all the linoleum in the house matches.

New kitchen with new counters and new floor This is the finished kitchen with new floor and new countertops. All appliances and extras are back in place. It looks so much more updated and that is what we were going for. The floor only took us the New Year weekend. Hooking the fridge's icemaker back up ended up being the hardest part of the whole thing....haha.


Chicken said...

Looks great sis. I don't think I would ever tackle a project like that. I would totally screw it up.

Mind Sprite said...

It looks great! Wanna come help us redo the bathroom floor?! LOL

Haha said...

You did a great job! Looks so beautiful. Our kitchen will be the last project in our current living quarters and I can hardly wait! So nice and clean and neat. It really updated your kitchen!

kilgorsky said...

Once again, I admire you Mishka. I'm terrible at house improvements. Matter of fact, I get allergic when something's up on the horizon.

cat said...

I want your kitchen. You wouldn't happen to be selling your house and coincidentally live in the area we're looking would you? :)

(very nice job! I doubt I would have the patience OR the talent to do that. ;))