Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Strange Dreams

My schedule is kind of messed up. J is not here getting up early so I have been going to bed really late and then sleeping in. This is not normal for me these days (even though I think I am naturally a nightowl) so I am not completely asleep in the morning time and keep having dreams that I remember.

The other morning, I had some kind of dream that had the song Ridin' from Chamillionaire in it. I ended up with that song in my head all day long even though I can't remember any part of the dream.

The next night, I dreamt that J and I were on a road trip in our truck and got lost in a bad part of some town. We decided to park and try to find a phone (bad idea). We walked through some scary neighborhoods and buildings and then decided to head back to the truck. As we were coming back, we got separated and the path back had all these girls from gangs hanging out. I didn't want to go through that area because I was afraid they would beat me. I went through a building that led to the parking lot the truck was in and all these people were coming out of the building in the opposite direction from me with my stuff in their arms and draped over their shoulders. I realized this rather quickly and started yelling at them that it was my stuff and why would they do something like that. I was grabbing stuff back from them and giving them a hard time for stealing (wasn't afraid of them at all). I felt like a mom scolding kids. Anyhow, eventually with my arms loaded, I made it back to the truck, which had be completely gutted. No tires, no windows, dents everywhere....I couldn't believe it and then I woke up.

This morning I had some weird dreams about weddings and is all kind of vague right now but I am sure parts of it will come to me throughout the day. I need to get to bed early tonight and get up like a normal person tomorrow so I can get out of this loop of nightowlness...I feel like I have wasted half my day when I sleep in. It is warm enough here that the only times to really get stuff done outside are early morning and late evening...when I sleep in, the early morning part gets wasted. I need to siesta in the middle of the day instead of sleep in....hmmm wonder if I can work that?


haha said...

Are you taking your vitamins with your evening meal? That will stimulate your dreaming. I try to take mine with breakfast or lunch for that very reason.

Mishka said...

I was taking them at night a while ago because they didn't make me nauseous at night but that changed so now I am back to taking them in the morning. I think I have always been a vivid dreamer and if I am not sleeping soundly, I tend to remember them. I don't think I sleep very soundly in the morning time...guilt of knowing I should be up already...probably.

Oh, I just realized, let you comment...yeah!!!!