Friday, July 14, 2006

Making a Dent

Yesterday after finally getting up at a decent hour, I was able to get some exercise in first thing. Then I started tackling a project I have wanted to do for sometime. Our patio furniture is made of teak wood and due to being in the weather all the time, each year it has to be powerwashed and then I oil it to keep it looking like new. So I dragged out the powerwasher and started working. I was able to get all of it clean rather quickly.

Of course, at one point the powerwasher's spray hit the patio itself, and then I had a clean spot. Obviously, once I had a clean spot, then I had to powerwash the patio too...

Now I need to move the table and chairs to the garage because we were supposed to get rain and I can't oil them if they are wet. I don't plan to oil them today anyhow. I am trying to work on my "to do" list in a reasonable and methodical manner so as not to overwhelm myself but still allow things to be completed. The oiling is on the list for another day. One step at a time...that is my motto or I will get buried in my own enthusiasm and procrastination.


Through a Glass Darkly said...

Good job getting something on your list done! Bask in your accomplishment.... :)

Mind Sprite said...

Say, when you get done with your "to do" list, wanna start on mine? Haha! Just kidding, I just like hearing about you getting stuff done. It's inspiring :)