Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catch Up

I feel like I am playing catch up. I have things to write about but not time to write them. Some of them are fiction, some of them are memories, and some of them are just me venting...

I finally ordered prints from my digital pics last week. I had not ordered prints (with the exception of my trip to the west coast in May) since needless to say, I got a huge order of prints and I am actually getting them in the photo album today (amazingly enough). I am putting the ones from the NY part of the trip in a different "travel" photo album because that is just what I do. Anyhow, that is taking up part of my livingroom floor right now.

Earlier, I had reconciled another bank statement that came in the mail and I just need to do the computer part of it and then file all the stuff I have gotten this week that needs to be filed. I am trying to do my filing as it comes so that it is not so much later on.

Since J left on Sunday, I have also managed to get a movie in each night that I know he wouldn't want to see. I tend to move "my movies" to the top of the Netflix list when I know he is going on a trip so I can knock a few of them out while he is I am making progress on that for sure.

I went up in the attic this afternoon (oh my gosh is it hot up there in the middle of the day) and checked the mouse new mice to report, thankfully because if there were, they would have been from a few days ago and I imagine it would have been very gross.

I made couple of cards yesterday but just am not feeling inspired in that department right now. Need to get on it really because I have a few birthdays that are looming over me, once I get started, I usually start getting lots of ideas. I have been wanting to bead again more, which is nice since I have tons of beading stuff that I haven't touched in ages.

I am getting things done, and that feels good. I just wish I could get motivated to work on some of the other "works in progress" I have hovering in the background.


Sally said...

Ooh, what kinds of cards are you making? I just got into embossing and rubber stamps recently. So much fun!

Chicken said...

YOu are getting much more acomplished than me. I seem to have a one track mind.

Mishka said...

Sally- I make mostly the standard types of cards...don't emboss as much as I should (but have the supplies for it). I would love to make some collagey cards like Nick Bantock but I am not sure I have the skills for it right now...maybe over time.

Chicken- YOU HAVE A FULL TIME JOB!!! Give yourself a break...half the stuff I do is only because I have a house and I have to do it or it would fall down around my ears....just kidding. The schoolwork does keep me busy but that is no excuse for this summer so far...haha.

kilgorsky said...

I always feel super good about myself after I catch up with stuff.