Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's Back

The absolutely horrible toenail fungus ad is back on my mail with Yahoo. I hate that ad...so much so that when I saw it this morning, I actually clicked on the ad feedback link at the bottom of the page so I could tell them so.

The thing that gets me about Yahoo's ads is that they don't mix them up. That horrible big, flaking toenail that lifts up so you can see the fungus and then gets bigger just in case you really can't see it, will be on my mail for a week everytime I look at mail....no relief.

So I gave them my opinion...especially since they are running a second toenail fungus ad in a banner across the top of my inbox....at least the first on is only on the main page, once I am in the inbox, it is gone. Grrrr, and they are not even the same company. Oh, and one of the questions is, "How relevant is the ad to what you were viewing on the web?"....NO AT ALL. My mail has nothing to do with toenail fungus.


J.a.G. said...

I have a yahoo account and I never see any ads. Maybe it's different in the States?

I'm using the beta version as well so maybe that has something to do with it.

Mind Sprite said...

That's nasty! I haven't seen anything like that, so I'm either ignoring it or mine is different.

Chicken said...

I have seen them and they are super gross. The tv commericials are even worse.

Mishka said...

Yes that commercial where the toe comes up and some gross thing that is supposed to be the fungus crawls out....ooohhhh, that one really kills me.

Through a Glass Darkly said...

That's awful and hysterical. I hate graphic things things like that; just the thought (early in the morning) makes me a little nauseated. But I wonder ... what is in your email, or what have you been searching for on the web, that makes them think you're REALLY interested in toenail fungus--enough to get two ads?

Mishka said...

I don't know that my ads have much to do with my mail or what I have been looking at. I don't use Yahoo for any kind of searches, I delete cookies frequently and I have NO interest in toenails. Today the ads are for weightwatchers, and random other stuff. For some reason the toenail one is the only one that will load over and over again...the others change randomly throughout the day.