Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Resorts play geo-cache game

Interesting development...obviously their caches on not listed on the web for open view.

I am torn on whether I want geocaching to become mainstream (allows for more acceptance) or whether it will get ruined by becoming mainstream....hmmm. Something to ponder I guess.

Sort of like discovery of a new tribe in the learning about them we can help protect them but by learning about them, we are already modifying their culture and future.


Chicken said...

Yeah some cachers have already become fanatical about it. If it went mainstream people might turn it into a bad thing.

Mishka said...

I always thought that geocaching in itself was a sub culture but now I am realizing that there is a sub subculture....extreme caches, and dare caches...stupid stuff really and I hope it doesn't end up screwing it up for the rest of us who just want to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.

kilgorsky said...

These dilemmas are a good sign that you're serious about the game.