Sunday, January 08, 2006

Celebrity Caving

I saw a thing on VH1 yesterday while I was at the gym on celebrities and some of their quirks and allowances made by others to accomodate them.

I was surprised, I guess, by how many times they go into 5 star restaurants and want food that is not on the menu or even in the refridgerator for that establishment. One wanted organic turkey burgers at a steakhouse, another wanted pork chops at a sushi even brought their own chicken wings chef with them and he took over the kitchen to make this celeb some wings....I think that is so obnoxious, rude and inconsiderate.

When a reporter asked Hugh Hefner about it (he was the pork guy), he said "Life is too short to live other people's dreams". What the hell is that supposed to mean? So what about the short life of the individual that is apparently living Hugh's dream so he can make him what he wants rather than what is on the menu????



J.a.G. said...

they are all soooo special.
*rolls eyes*

Chicken said...

If life is so damn short why doesn't he stay home and have a personal chef make his f@cking porkchops.