Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Computer Karma

Well, the dreaded work on my PC that I have been putting off for the last week or so, is done and it wasn't nearly the nightmare that I expected. My class starts today so I had to get it done.

A while back, my monitor started doing this weird clicking thing, almost like it was losing the signal from the computer. Sometimes it would cause a lock up and a reboot. I inquired a bit on Techspot's forums and then with some trial and error on my own, I discovered that if I turned the hardware acceleration down on my video card, the symptoms went away.

Now, normally because I am not a "gamer", I could live indefinitely with a video card with no acceleration, but due to my class load this semester, that was not an option. I was trying to avoid having to open up my system box because it means unplugging a bunch of stuff and then getting it all back in correctly set up like I prefer....just an excuse really to procrastinate the job.

Anyhow, my software for class showed up a few days ago and I couldn't really use it until I fixed the video card issue. I wanted to make sure that the card was seated correctly and not just overwhelmed in dust (a high possibility since I rarely open my box and clean it out). So I finally moved the system out, took the card out, cleaned it off, cleaned out the inside of the box, reseated it and turned the system back on. When I turned the acceleration back up, the clicking started up almost immediately. Oh well, I tried...I wanted to save the card if I could but I was pretty sure it was shot. I had already purchased a replacement but didn't want to open it unless I had to.

So, I blew away the drivers for the old card, and shut the system down. I took out the old card, put in the new card and booted up. Loading the drivers for the new card (same manufacturer) took a bit of work and getting my screen set back up the way I wanted required some time but the acceleration is completely up and things seem to be working fine. I am keeping the old card just in case I ever need a back up in an emergency...along with the extra motherboard I have as well...haha.

So onto the software...we had to buy pretty expensive software for this class. We are going to be focusing on designing and building multimedia websites, so I should learn tons and I won't have any papers, group work, or exams to deal with (what will I bitch about, huh?). Anyhow, I only loaded the components that we needed for class and I also downloaded the free/shareware they wanted us to have. All seemed to load fine, did a reboot and all is well.

I have never had an upgrade and install go as easily as yesterday went, so I am thinking the computer karma must be going my way right now. I should see if there is anything my laptop needs while it wears off...haha.

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Chicken said...

Now if you could just pass that on to me. :-)