Saturday, January 07, 2006

Season's Farewells

Our front porch during Christmas with the wreath I made right under the porch light.
Today is the day that Christmas is coming down at our is time and the tree is starting to dry out a bit. I am leaving up my little snow flakes since they are more of a winter theme and we are definitely still in winter, and just because I like them...but everything else is getting taken down, folded up, double checked, and then put away. Some of it might get retired as well, since a few things are getting a bit faded or worn out...we'll see.

The wreath for the fall I made several years ago.
I'll have to figure out something new to hang outside our front door for the rest of the winter....I am so used to their being something there (a wreath of some sort), it will look naked to me until I find something.

The flower holder that lives hangs near the door during spring and summer.
Maybe I'll make something....I am sure I have the basics here to pull something together.

Anyhow, farewell holiday season for another year!!!


Gone Home said...

Nice house & decorations! But - isn't it bad luck to keep them up after 1st Jan?

Mishka said...

No, not that I have heard...we have always had decorations up sometime in January, even as a kid. It is bad luck where you are from?

Mind Sprite said...

I usually take my stuff down the weekend after New Year's but my family was coming over to see the house for the first time on Saturday, so we left everything up. Now I have to do it next weekend. Yech!

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Subtle and classy.

There's a suburb near me, not sure which one, that only allows white Christmas lights. Which I think is brilliant. No garish rainbows blinking. Your decorations made me think of it.

Mishka said...

Only thing is that our lights are multi colored....but we don't have many neighbors so I guess it works out.