Friday, January 06, 2006


J and I have set a New Year's resolution for our cat Chase. She has gotten far too lazy over the last 5 years (since she became an indoor cat). When we first adopted her off the streets of Lacey, WA, she was only about a year old (according to the vet). Our adoption was not intentional but that is a whole other story.

We had a cat already, Madison, who was about 13-14 at the time. She was done with most of her playing, except when it came to the feather duster (another story for another time). So Chase was a lot of fun because she would "chase" just about anything on the end of a string and you could get her to do cool jumps through the air. She would do this pretty much tirelessly. She also was a catnip addict (and still is), which Madison never had a taste for, so there was that humorous side as well.

Well in the last place we lived, the place had hardwood floors (that claws scratch up) so playing with Chase in the same matter was limited. Our place was smaller too and that created issues with cats flying through the air. We just didn't get the playing in like usual. This is also when she became an indoor cat, so with the lack of activity indoors and outdoors, she got out of shape. Now, she is not fat by any means but she is also not a lean mean killing machine of a Maine Coon like she should be.

Okay, so back to the resolution...we decided that we are going to try to get her back in shape some. We have the space and carpet for it, it is just a matter of remembering that we need to do it everyday for a bit to get her worked up to a fair amount of playtime. Right now, she will jump once or twice and then will lay down and wait for you to bring the toy to her (unless of course it is a catnip toy). If catnip is involved, she plays on her own for awhile before sitting down and rubbing her whole body with it.

So over the holiday weekend, while we were both trapped in the house with colds, we started our new cat regimen. We made an effort to take her "fishing pole" with toy at the end out and let her do some jumping and chasing through the house. She seems to be getting where she can play for longer so I guess it is working.

For the gross part....(I know you all have been waiting for it). When she is standing in front of J on the floor and he is on the floor sometimes he picks her up under her belly and tosses her a few feet in the air and she lands on her feet. Nothing abusive, okay...I know is sounds weird but it really is not any higher than she jumps herself and she is not upside down or anything. He mostly does this when she is rubbing all over him when he is trying to stretch his back or doing abs on the floor. Anyhow, the other day, he did this right after we were playing with her for a bit so I think she was a bit tired or fatigued....anyhow, after she landed, she sat down on the floor and when she stood up again, there was a little bit of poop left....I told him that he tossed the poop out of her.

I am thinking he might think twice about tossing her anymore....


Chicken said...

That is hilarious! She's poopy and drooly.

Mind Sprite said...

Poor, poor Chase. It's coming out all ends!

Mishka said...

I knew you guys would love that...I just took some time figuring out how to tell the story so it didn't sound like we were abusing our cat....haha.

J.a.G. said...

how, erm, lovely :)

i used to drop my cat off the balcony when i was a kid. i was just testing the land on its feet theory! truly!!