Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here To Stay

Silver Lyretail Molly
The local pet store that I do all my fish and supply purchasing had banners up recently that they were going out of business. I was so bummed because, while it's a small place that is a bit more expensive at times than the new local PetSmart, their people knew what they were talking about and their fish were healthy. I went by to stock up on some things but figured that eventually I was going to be forced to use PetSmart (the only other pet store in town).

I was really suprised that the little store was going out of business because they had been around forever and I figured that they would have a local loyal customer base...guess they thought that too.

So regrettably, the other day, when I had to get some aquarium salt (the small store was out) I went to PetSmart to get it. I decided to peruse the fish aisle to see what fish options they had for future purchases. I was saddened because not only did they only have two teenage workers who seemed to know nothing about fish working in the department, each tank had 3-5 dead fish sitting on the bottom. In one case, a fish wasn't dead yet, just sitting upside down struggling to breath. It was so sad.

I was determined to never buy fish from them, I would drive to a neighboring city if I had to. Fortunately the other day on the way to the gym, we saw new banners at the little local store...they are staying....new ownership takes over next week!! I am so excited and can't wait to see what fish they get in when their supplies get back up.


Chicken said...

Maybe you should let Pet Smart know
what you have done.

Joanne said...

I used to try to support the little guys in my neighborhood. But they all got so rock & twiggy I couldn't bear to go in there anymore. Vegetarian dog food? Uh no. Then one became a store that catered to only dogs & cats (even though the same store is like 10 blocks away max) I was done. Oh and the lesbian at the other one stopped carrying ferret stuff so now it is off to pets mart once a month to get what I need.

Chatty said...

I always try to buy from the little guy because the big guy probably ate two or three to get where they are today. Petsmart has great dog toys and if I want to mortgage my home, I could stock up.

P'nut said...

I like the little independent shop down the street even though it's cramped and there's not much selection and it's a little more expensive... but I have to be honest and say that I prefer the PetSmart.

I volunteered in the adoption centre of one store for 3 years so I got to know a lot about the store, the staff, the training, and the pets. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I like that they're large, bright stores with good pricing and good selection... but knowledgeable staff is a rare things because, as you pointed out, they're mostly teenagers nowadays. The staff I knew were well versed in all their specific areas of pet care and they were all really helpful.

Unfortunately, they closed that store and now I don't have one near me.

Mishka said...

Yeah, I like the size and selection of PetSmart too and I do shop there for the cat, as the little pet store is mostly fish and dogs, but I was just glad to see that the little guy wasn't going out of business as well, and I would still be able to get helpful advice and healthy fish without having to drive to another county.

I wish big stores and little stores could coexist better.