Tuesday, May 10, 2005


We have had a fish tank for some time but we never put it together in the past. We put it in storage when we moved the last time so only recently have it back in our possession. My husband decided to fill it and run it almost immediately after unpacking it and thankfully it had all the necessary parts for it.

It is a just a little 20 gallon freshwater tank on a black iron stand. J bought the first 6 fish for me for Christmas. They were as follows:

Silver Lyretail Molly 1 Male and 1 Female
Red Wag Platy 1 Male and 1 Female
Red Fin Tetra 2 of undetermined sex.

After the tank cycled and settled, I bought one more female Red Wag Platy and 2 more of the Tetras just so they would have enough to be happy.

Then as I stated in a previous post, one of my female Red Wag Platys died. We think now that it had a tumor.

So after determining that there is nothing wrong with the tank (no disease or anything) and all other fish are happy, I decided to get some new friends in there. I bought 4 Glow Light Tetras and they seem to be adjusting to their new home....

Okay, that is it for pet posts for tonight....we'll see what surfaces tomorrow.


Joanne said...

When I lived in Fairbanks, I had a fish tank. A local small petstore had a fish of the month club that I joined (for free being a somewhat starving college student). The theory was you'd get a free cheap little fish and then buy more to be its friend. But I did get some of the cute red/blue tetras and black skirt tetra. Unfortunately I also put my betta in the tank. He left the black skirted tetras alone because they were big, but soon there were no more red/blue tetras. And then I moved again and the betta went with me and the fish and tank went to a deserving soul who would take care of them for me.

Mishka said...

Yes when we move again in a couple of years, I am sure I will be handing off the fish to either the store or a friend. I'll keep the tank and set it up again, I am sure. In my visit to the fish store yesterday, I found out that most of them won't live in an aquarium longer than 12 months...so that will keep me from getting too attached to them (which is usually a problem with me).