Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Flew the Coop

Or nest in this case. I didn't see the parent bluebirds around at all the last couple of days so I started to get worried. Unfortunately, we are right in the period that they say is bad to check on the nest so I have been avoiding it.

Tonight while hitting some golf balls, it was just too much for me and curiousity won out. I checked the nest and they are all gone...guess they flew away over the weekend because the babies were in there on Saturday during our party....

I'll leave it alone for a few more days just in case, but then I will take the nest out (you are supposed to) so they can start with a new nest for the next clutch. Apparently they will lay two more times this summer...we'll see if they come back.


Chicken said...

So you never saw the little baby chicks try to fly or anything?

Mishka said...

Nope, on Saturday, the parents were still bringing food to them and you could hear them chirping up a storm, and then on Tuesday I noticed that I hadn't seen the parents all day, then yesterday evening, I checked them and the house was they must have learned to fly on Sunday and Monday maybe. It seems that they left a little ahead of schedule but not by much.