Sunday, May 08, 2005

We Have Eggs

This morning, while weeding in the backyard, I decided to check out the Eastern Bluebird cavity nest we have. I mentioned before that I was pretty sure they were using it but they seemed kind of sporadic so I was not completely convinced. So after I saw both of them fly away today, I went over and peeked in.

There were at least three little aqua colored eggs in there!! I am so excited. Now I have to keep an eye out that no other birds go in there and that the parents don't disappear on me.

I have read about this some on a bluebird website. According to the site, songbirds do not have a great sense of smell so you can even take out the nest and put a clean one in and they will still come back to it. I am not quite that adventuresome. I figure if I look in there and things look like they are okay, I'll let them be for the most part. I have not seen any other birds that I need worry about so far. I am just excited to think about there being baby birds at some point and helping out the depleted population.

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