Thursday, April 28, 2005

Made It Home

Well, I am back and not much has changed. Of course it was only 10 days but with all the stuff I was dealing with during the trip, it seemed much longer.

The blooms on the dogwood have given way to leaves, and it is so weird to see shade in my front yard (we moved into the house in late November so there were no leaves left). The construction across the street has moved along. They only had a foundation when I left and now they are framing up the walls. In fact a big ass truck just pulled up with the trusses for the roof on it....I think they are getting a bit ahead of themselves as there is only one wall framed as of right now. The foreman on the job apparently has never been around a big truck before because he thought it was really cool to sit there pulling on the chain horn right across the street from me, which startled the hell out of me before the annoyance settled in.

One of my fish did not survive the trip. We are thinking it was just old age because all the other fish are fine and I tested the water and it is good to go as well. It was sad to see her struggling to breathe when I got home but I was hoping she would recover. When I came back a few hours later, she was still barely alive but was stuck to the pump hose so I decided to put her out of her was so sad. She is my first loss and she was one of the ones my husband got me for Christmas.

Other than that, J did a pretty good job of keeping things in order, especially considering how much he was working and was not really at our house unless he was sleeping. I can't complain, that is for sure. So now, I am almost through with the humungous pile of laundry that came out of my suitcase and things are getting back to normal. I am almost ready to put the winter clothes away and start wearing the summer stuff. Whooeeee! Soon I am sure I will be bitching about the heat, but not yet.

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