Saturday, May 14, 2005

Father's Day Cards

Okay, Father's Day is creeping up on us. While I was at the store yesterday, I figured I would just buy cards before they are all picked over and there is nothing left to choose from. How wrong was I? Not that there weren't plenty of cards to pick from, because there were, but they all sucked.

I am so sick of cliché all fathers sit around in recliners, drink beer, play sports, belch, fart, and like to work on, they all don't. Then the other option is to go with the sappy suckass ones that just make me want to puke...whatever happened to cool cards?

I wish Fresh Ink made Father's Day cards because I love Fresh Ink cards from Hallmark,...oh and I might mention that the card selection I was looking through was American Greetings. They usually have decent cards. I like their Just My Style ones, although they are getting redundant and old as well.

The quest was not a complete loss, I did find cards to cover all the father figures that we usually buy cards for (dads, stepdads, granpas...) but it was slim pickings let me tell you. Just more affirmation that I need to start making my own cards...which I fully plan to do (and is the only reason I can excuse my expenses in the stamp and stationary arena) but I have so many other things on the "To Do" list that taking the time to make cards is not feasible right now. I may resort back to the tissue and pipe cleaner flower cards I used to make my parents before I knew what Hallmark was.


cat said...

I highly agree that cards suck. I have to add that they are also stupidly expensive too! When did that happen?!!?

You know what I did for Mother's Day? I got two kick-ass CHILDREN cards. Both had places to put a picture (the grandmother one had a magnet frame!!) and one I could colour and use stickers on. How cool is that?? So that is what I did.

Besides.. for my grandparents? If I want a card that says either Nana or Poppop, I have to get a card that a 2-year old would get. They don't do that for adults. And holy crap and cards bad. wow. When I was younger and had way more time, I'd make my own cards. I should really start doing that again. But now I am old and lazy :P

Mind Sprite said...

I have the worst time with this. I really, really don't like my real dad but don't want to come right out and show it. Try finding a card that isn't sappy, funny or so obviously generic that they can tell you don't give a rat's ass. My step-dad is easy, because he's a golf nut and those are easy to find.