Saturday, May 14, 2005

Deputies Apologize for L.A. Shooting - Yahoo! News

This might turn out to be a case of mistaken identity of sorts, and the county might be paying lots in damages to both the affected residents, and Hayes. This is of course assuming that Hayes ultimately doesn't end up being guilty of a crime.

Fortunately, in this specific case, they did not kill Hayes, but the Sheriff's department will also have to look at, how after firing 120 rounds, their officers only put 4 on the intended target and managed to hit each other and several surrounding buildings instead? Sounds like marksmanship needs to be at the top of the "To Do List".


cat said...

i don't think apologizing is enough...

Mishka said...

No, but at least they said they would be paying triple the amount that they usually do for property damage.

They just better hope that this guy ends up being a bad guy because if he isn't, they are probably going to get their pants sued off.

The one thing I am curious about is why didn't he stop? Especially if he is innocent. I would definitely not want to lead the police on a chase and hope to get out of it without scratches...if I hadn't done anything wrong