Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not Happening

Well since it is Friday and our post office is not open on weekends, and I only have 1/2 hour before the last truck leaves for the day, I would say I am not going to get my packages out....those that love me will understand and those that don't can just.....well you know.

I feel relief though, knowing I can now wrap and package at my own leisurely pace for the remainder of the weekend to dump the motherload on the postal workers on Monday morning.....(insert sinister laugh here).

It is time for lunch during my slightly unproductive day so far, but I did watch a movie and that counts for something right? Oh, and I folded a load of laundry too...whooeeee! I am on a roll. So as long as I get some exercise in I will feel accomplished today....I know, life seems easy for me, huh? Well it is don't know the half of it but I can't explain it here because that would be telling oh too much. Let's just say that you can't judge a person by their blog...okay?

So, I am going to go have some left over tacos (when you cook for one, it means eating the same thing for days on end because it is impossible to just use half a packet of taco seasoning), and iced tea and get started on some packages, exercise and maybe some yard work if I really feel like stepping out.


Chicken said...

Why can't you use 1/2 packet of taco seasoning. I just save it for another day. You could use an old spice container to put it in.

Mishka said...

Well, I still have to brown the entire packet of hamburger and open the whole can of beans...for all the meals it is like this, so I just eat left biggie.

I am done with the tacos, by the way...might make curry and eat that for a few days....haha.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how early we complete our Christmas shopping, we never get our gifts to the post in enough time for our families to receive them by Christmas. It's now a tradition, so why fight tradition?

Enjoy the lines Monday. My father, who is a post office manager, tells me tomorrow will be the worst of days.

Thanks for visiting and all the remarks :)

Mishka said...

I am usually on time but this year because I am further from family, it takes longer to get it all there....and hopefully my post office won't be too busy since it is a very small one.

Thanks for the comments, and I am enjoying your blog.

Mind Sprite said...

This is the second year in a row that Mr Sprite has waited until the last minute to mail the package to his parents. We will be standing in line at the airport post office tonight after work. {{sigh}}