Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Well except for a couple of small things I have to order online, I am done Christmas shopping. I finished up on Wednesday and it is nice to be done but now I have a tatami room covered in gifts and wrapping paper until I get the wrapping all done. I hope to finish up over the weekend and get the packages out on Monday if possible. Then at least they won't be too late....haha.

Since we are not near family, everything has to be shipped. I will try to send as much as I can in flat rate boxes since that will probably be the less expensive way to go and I think that also gets them there faster. I also got the photos I ordered online in the mail so I can get those cut up, put in the cards they go out in, and then I will be officially done with cards too....all 95 of them. Whew!!!


Joanne said...

Wow. Impressive! I haven't sent out cards in years. I'm too lazy about them. I'm also kind of surprised that you buy presents there and don't just order them online and shipped to family and friends that way.

Mishka said...

Jo- I seriously thought about not sending out hardly any cards this year as we don't get near to 95 of them ourselves but I figure you only live once and sending a card to loved ones that we never see is the only touch we have in the year sometimes.

I don't do the online thing with most of them because I usually buy unique presents from the places we visit. This year is a bit of a hodgepodge with the holidays coming so soon after moving but I still tried to get some unique things for people. I do order some things from Powell's and some gift cards online and send those.