Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fat Cat

When we were still in NC, we had friends who were cat sitting a couple of cats. They both had very interesting personalities but the thing that got me the most was the size and look of this cat. We called her Sissy...I think she had another name too but that was her nickname. She would hang out near the food bowls and keep the other kitties away.

She had some kind of nervous thing where if you pet her in the right spot, she would lick her forearms so she didn't have much hair on her forearms and I thought that just added to the Kliban look of her. We had several Kliban books when I was a kid (one our parent's wouldn't let us read until we were older) but we always like the cat ones the best. In fact I sometimes wonder if the Far Side was not inspired a bit by Kliban kitties....anyhow, when I first saw this cat, that is exactly what she reminded me of. The picture does not do her justice and you have to remember, we are talking about a 26 lb cat.....that is 2 1/2 of Chase.

By the way, who in our family still has those books? Anyone?


Just a Girl said...

My fav was always the comparison of a cat and a meatloaf.


Chicken said...

I don't have them. Dad or Mom probably do. I liked the one titled " Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head And Other Drawings"

Chicken said...

Hey check out the official site

By the way that cat looks very serious which adds to her funny look.

Mishka said...

JAG- That is so funny, we used to call one of our cats Meatloaf kitty in a nice way....haha

Chicken-I think I did check out that site when I was searching for info on Kliban for the post. It is pretty cool but it throws me off seeing the pictures in color after looking at them for so many years in black and white, huh?

sourpuss said...

I totally agree with Chicken... the look on Sissy's face is PRICELESS. She is seriously adorable.

Mishka said...

Yeah, I liked how she had a half and half face in coloring as well. She was looking at me like that because she couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting her some food....haha.

Haha said...

I am so glad you posted Sissy. I just could not believe the size of this girl. She looked even bigger because of the lack of fir on her front legs. We better watch out as our "Buddy" is getting to be a big boy and we have started calling him Butter Boo!

Terry said...

Dear Mishka...I thought I would take the time to look over your bolg to see if I could spot any cats.
Wow this guy has a face that only a mother or a cat lover could love!
Ha!!Was she a meanie...probably not if she was bald on the forearms...I guess she lets a lot of people pet her...Terry