Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beat Up

I have managed to ding myself a bit in the last few days. The other day, I was trying to find a cache that was located in a stupid spot and had to reach through some very sharp palm leaves to get it. I was stabbed in the arm a few times and then slid on the coral have scratches on my knees and shin.

Then yesterday when vacuuming the house, I ran over my big toe on my right foot with the vacuum during the back pull. My toe ached all night.

Last night after vacuuming, I was putting the bath mats back down on the floor of the bathroom and on the way down to the floor, I wacked my head on the glass sink counter. I actually saw stars...and now I have a tender lump on my forehead. I haven't looked in the mirror yet but I might also have a nasty bruise.


Chicken said...

You must of caught Chickenitis. The problem is I bump/fall into so many things nowadays I can't remember what bruise comes from what anymore.

sourpuss said...

Ouch. Take it easy on your poor self!

Just a Girl said...

You only get one should be nicer to it. :)

Haha said...

That usually happens to me during the a full moon. Just a little "off balance" so I am either running into things or dropping stuff.