Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feeling Better

I think I am feeling better today. Will probably get up to the post office and the library at least so I can get mail and change out some rental dvds....haha.

I watched Nanny McPhee, Red Eye and Pavement yesterday while laying low. The sun is out today as well so I might sit on the deck for a while and absorb some rays and some Vit D...I remember when I was a kid, sometimes the best thing was getting outside into some fresh air and sunshine when I had a cold.

I also am supposed to be getting some flowers from J today....he didn't forget me after all...haha. We were able to talk on the computers yesterday with webcams so I was able to at least see one person on Christmas day....haha.

Depending on how I feel, I might head over to K's for a while to see the kids and all their new toys since I missed out on going there yesterday.


Haha said...

Glad you are feeling better sweetie and I am glad you got to see J and he could see you. At least you got in some great movie watching, I always feel so damned guilty sitting and watching a movie at home when there are countless things I should be doing. When I am sick in bed though, I don't feel quilty at all!!! Have fun at K's with the kids - it's off to work tomorrow for haha, but it should be a very quiet day.

Chicken said...

I hope you feel better sis.