Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Father's Day Trials and Tribulations

Okay, I bitched about this last year in this post but it came to me again this year and I just have to revisit it. I was forced to buy cards for Father's Day this year, even though I have small fortune in card making supplies in my possession. I just ran out of time and had to resort to the card aisle at Hellmart.

While I was there, I realized exactly why I make most of my cards these days (even as limited as they are). The cards offered for Father's Day were absolutely horrible. The same idiotic jokes on the "humorous" ones and the same dumb assumptions of golf, mechanics, remote control ownership, and the farting and snoring laziness that all fathers apparently partake in.

I was forced to pick 7 cards from the lacking selection and to anyone that might be reading this that receives a card from have my apologies in advance...I had no choice.


Mind Sprite said...

How about finding one for my stepdad, who is my "real" dad, but who I call Pops! Actually, I did find a good one for him this year.

I had to get my grandpa one with fishies from a little kid, just at avoide the fishing and golfing, which he does neither.

When I was still getting cards for my biological father, I had the hardest time finding one that was nice, but not sappy or joking in any way.

Father's Day cards are really the worst. I thought about making some too, but with my finals today, I just don't have time. Maybe next year!

P'nut said...

You bought 7 Father's Day cards?

Mishka said...

P'nut- Yep, 2 stepdads, 2 dads and 3 grandpas...