Friday, June 02, 2006

Cache Owner

Well, recently I adopted an abandoned cache from another geocacher, and today, I placed my first one. It is located in the same preserve as the adopted one (in fact I was out there mostly to work on the adopted one, it needed some attention), but much further in.

I made it a bit more difficult than some of the "park and grab micros" that are so common around here. Mine requires a mile hike into the woods to get to it but there are trails that can be followed and the whole walk is definitely worth it.

I'll hopefully get published in a couple of days and we'll see how soon someone finds it. Now I need to go get some more containers since I used both of the ones I bought today updating the old cache and hiding this new one, and I have a few more spots I can think of that it would be cool to hide a cache in. I probably should invest in some stickers from as well.

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Chicken said...

Cool Mishka!! I can't wait to visit them. We went caching today and found one of two. We were having problems with GPS connection. I forgot to release my TB which was a bummer. Oh and we found a knife in the cache which we took. Boneheads!