Thursday, June 22, 2006

Quick Trip Review II

Okay, we are in Nebraska and I have Internet so I will update our trip thus far.

Day 6: Headed out from Gaylord Michigan early in the morning North and cross into the Upper Penisula of Michigan. We stopped in Macinaw and in Sault St. Marie on our way through the UP. We saw a 300 foot ship move through the locks in Sault St. Marie that go between Lake Huron and Lake Superior. I had only seen Lake Michigan in the past so this trip allowed me to see four of them (the glance at Lake Erie didn't really count). We stopped late to camp for the night, and had some fun throwing the fishing line in along a small river near our campsite.

Day 7: Left Michigan, traveled through Wisconsin pretty fast, and entered Minnesota. We ventured into the area that J used to live in and fished at some of his old holes (and caught a few too, although we let them all go). We ended up heading a bit south near the end of the day so we wouldn't have such a long drive the next day. We camped near a lake and battled the mosquitos but still had some fun fishing and hanging out.

Day 8: Got up early, left the area pretty quickly so we could get on the road. Finished up in Nebraska by the end of the day. Ate dinner with Grandpa and his girlfriend and played some cards before heading back to the hotel.

Day 9: No traveling today, will be in Nebraska for 6 days and will have a family reunion on Saturday. Plan to get some golf and visiting in with Grandpa today.

I guess I should mention too, that I have been geocaching along the way, and have managed so far to get a cache in every state we have visited. Most of them haven't been great caches (a lot of rest stop park and grab micros) but that is okay since I am just looking to cover each state and we can't venture too far off the road when we are trying to cover 400+ miles a day. I will get a few while we are here in Nebraska, in fact I have a travel bug I picked up that I need to drop off.

So that is it for now...I'll try to get some more exciting posts done while we are here since I will have consisted Internet access for a few days.


Mind Sprite said...

Thanks for sharing your travelogue! You are inspiring us. We are talking about doing a road trip/camping trip next summer. I would like to go to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, but we'll see what transpires.

Ha Ha said...

Tell Grandpa Hi for me and have fun golfing. Heard today the nights have been in the 90's, hope that is not where you are. I am really enjoying your trip and will look forward to the vid and pics when you get home!

Mishka said...

FMS- Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are definitely worth it, we went through that area on one of our across country trips too many years ago and it was fabulous...I highly recommend it.

Haha- I will tell everyone you said hello and it has been in the mid 80s here but I guess they are praying for rain...just not on reunion day.

kilgorsky said...

This is the kind of vacation I would love to do. I wouldn't mind camping out either.