Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feeling The Crunch

Updated before leaving at 1pm with the last of the DONEs...I'll pay bills on the road, and the geocaches will have to be on the road too....grr.
Updated at 7:52am with more DONEs....I just might make it.
Updated at 9:46pm with more DONEs....
Updated at 7:15pm with DONE after the ones I have finished already....we'll see if I get everything done.

I have about 24 hours before we leave on a 2 week vacation. This is a driving/camping/touristy/family reunion kind of vacation. Should be lots of fun.

Thing is, I have about a million things to do before we go and I am not getting much checked off the list today.

Absolute have to do before leaving house (or else we can't go):

  • Set up cat food, litter box and water (plus vacuum floor). DONE
  • Check hot tub chemicals, and strap down top (so neighborhood kids don't drown in it while we are gone). DONE
  • Get fish pellets for fish and leave out with note for friend who is feeding them every three days. DONE
  • Pack up camping gear. DONE
  • Pack regular stuff (clothes, toiletries).DONE
  • Pack golf clubs, cameras, laptop and Ipod. DONE
  • Color hair.DONE
  • Spray campdry on slicker. DONE
  • Finish letters for water boy and fish feeder friends. DONE
  • Show water boy what to water. DONE
  • Post office to mail stuff and put mail on hold for two weeks. DONE
  • Set plants and sprinklers up for water boy. DONE
  • Pay bills that might be due while gone.
  • Clean fish tank.DONE

Really need to do but can get by without (although I'll worry about it a lot while traveling):

  • Get toilet in bathroom fixed (simple trip to Lowes for this one). DONE
  • Plant petunias in pots in backyard so they don't get wasted sitting in their original nursery containers. DONE
  • Grate soap near gardens to keep deer away.DONE
  • Put veggie food on garden. DONE

Should do so I can leave stress free:

  • Research geocaches and figure out which ones I want to do along the way. I am done through NY, NY but not any further than that.
  • Update virus software and Windows on laptop (could do this on the trip somewhere). DONE

The garden stuff I was going to kick out this morning first thing has been put on rain hold (we are getting some weather from that storm in Florida). So I guess I will be running a few errands here in a bit, the cat, fish and hair color will be done tomorrow before leaving, so that leaves the rest of the stuff to be checked off....as usual, way too many things to do and not enough time to do them in....oh did I mention that I am trying to get a bit of World Cup soccer in amongst all this? Welcome to my world. I'll let you know what I accomplish.


HaHa said...

I hope you will have some energy left to enjoy your trip. Have fun and keep me posted and post cards as well.

Mind Sprite said...

I will be calling in sick tomorrow (after going home early today) to finish reading for my final tomorrow evening. I often procrastinate, but this is ridiculous! Shh, don't tell my boss.

Hope you have a great trip. A vacation sounds lovely about now!

J.a.G. said...

That's similar to the length of my pre-trip to do lists. I usually end up staying up really late and getting up very early to try and squeeze it all in.

Have a great trip.

kilgorsky said...

Have a great vacation.

Since you're bringing the laptop I assume there will be frequent updates to the blog. Will you post pictures?

Chicken said...

Have fun Sis!! Email me if you can.