Friday, June 30, 2006


When we got home yesterday, there were several messages on our machine. One of them was from our water company. As you remember from this post, we had technical difficulties when we were both gone in May and we received a huge water bill because of it.

Well the letter I sent in paid off. They reduced our water bill by 350 dollars....I couldn't believe it. That is much more than I was expecting. Now I have to finish our claim with the company whose product failed to get the remaining out of them (not to mention cost of the items themselves).

I guess sometimes a little follow through is all that is needed...wish I could be more active in following through in other aspects...haha (referring to the 101 projects I have going on right now).


Chicken said...

I wish I followed through a lot more than I do. You have always been good at that.

PS We loved the post cards especially the shell one.

Mishka said...

Yeah, I was thinking it would be cool to go to all those tacky little shops and find cool funky cards to send...unfortunately, we didn't run across many of those types of places...who would have thought, a shell store in the middle of Michigan, huh?