Saturday, April 30, 2005

Power Outages

We have had two of them today and the weather is not even bad. We were forecasted to have a terrible thunderstorm from 1 to 7pm today but it really didn't do much. Wind, rain, and lightening/thunder was minimal. I even went out for a walk afterwards.

I noticed that the power went out while I was gone because I was kindof near a hospital (there are lots of them here) and its generator kicked on. I thought that was strange as I have walked that route many times and never noticed it do that before. I also didn't think it was a real power outage (maybe just testing their system) because the weather was calm.

I got home a couple of hours later and all the clocks were blinking at me. I reset all the clocks, rebooted my computer and continued on with my night. I was on the Internet fooling around when all of a sudden everything goes completely black. No joke, not just kindof black, so black that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Our neighborhood is very dark and we don't have street lights (not that they would help in a power outage). When the lights go out around here and there is no moon (cloudy tonight) is so dark you would not know there was a house sitting here.

So I made my way slowly to the kitchen to find the flashlight and proceeded to light candles all over. I have a lot of candles so getting some light quickly was not a problem. After about 20 minutes, the power comes back on again. (My poor fish probably don't know what to think.)

Anyhow, the strange thing about the power here is that it seems to go out all the time. All of our power lines are under ground so I am not exactly sure what is causing the problem but we get power flickers a lot (usually doesn't stay off like today). I don't know if it is this town, the neighborhood or the whole county...but it is irritating. Thankfully, I have all of our expensive equipment (computers, TV, DVD players, recievers, stereo equipment) all hooked up to surge protectors that are kick ass. They pay me if my stuff gets ruined from a spike.

Anyhow just thought I would share that with you before we lose power for the third time tonight...ha ha.


Mind Sprite said...

I wish the power would go out in the office so I don't have to work anymore today!!!!

Mishka said...

It seems like everytime the power ever went out at work, it was just long enough for all of us to decide to go home, get excited about going home, and then, pop, on it came and we all had to go back to work...