Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cell Phone Free Zone

I think they should have these in the airports. Places where people that just want to write or read or think, without some idiot shouting in their ear about the most mundane of things, can go to enjoy peace and quiet.

I don't understand why people feel that they have to call everyone they know right before boarding a plane, or get this even as it is taxi-ing....are they trying to create a record of themselves so if they die in a crash, there will be a voice mail trail? I don't get it.

Why do people on cell phones in airports (and perhaps other places I have not noticed) feel that they have to speak in a louder voice than they would if there were having the conversation face to face? I don't need to hear about how you are just about to get on the plane and how you will call again as soon as it lands.

I am starting to believe that the fact that most airports do not allowed unticketed passengers past security causes come kind of loneliness anxiety is some people. They are alone and bored so they figure they will just call everyone they know while they are waiting. This one woman sat down next to me and called about 15 different people and had to leave messages at all of them because it was the middle of the day and guess what...THEY APPARENTLY HAVE LIVES!!!

My other theory is that they have a ton of minutes to use up and feel that they might as well make use of them since they aren't doing anything else...but I wish they would do anything else. Read a book for everyone's sake...

I think the CPFZs are a great idea. They have zones like this in airports in Asia but it is for the smokers. They have a little glass room with lousy ventilation that all the smokers hang out in, waiting for their flights. They look like little fish in a cloudy aquarium. I think if all the cell phone users had to be in one room, it would be too loud and some law of physics would be broken. So that is why I am suggesting a space for those of us that don't like the phones..want to stay away from the phones and their lonely users. Now I just have to find someone to finance it. Ha!


Mind Sprite said...

Maybe they are afraid of flying and sitting around, alone, before boarding the plane makes it worse. They are trying to distract themselves. It could be worse.....they could insist on talking to YOU!

Mishka said...

While I agree that could be a possibility, since the ratio of phone users to non...was to 2 to 1 or higher, I have to figure it is just more of a boredom thing.

Chicken said...

I have a cell phone. I've had it for a while. I never understood why people need to talk on them so much in the first place. Is it so important to talk while driving 70 mph down the road in the middle of rush hour traffic?
I have a friend that answers her calls all of the time like she will miss out on something. Isn't her time with me enough?

Joanne said...

Hee. I've been in a couple airports here in the states that have those little glass bowls you describe for smokers. They kind of amuse me. I hope beyond hope they (FAA?) don't approve the use of cell phones on airplanes. If that happens, I'll start finding alternate means for my travel.

Mishka said...

Oooohh! Cell phones on planes....oh we can't have that. I would go mad. Perhaps they will adjust the seating to be non-cellphone and cellphone???? I shouldn't have to pay and be forced to listen to someone shout "can you hear me now?"