Monday, April 25, 2005

I Can See the Finish Line

Whew!!! All I have been doing this week is traveling and trying to fit my paper in but now I am almost done. I finished the paper and posted it to my classroom earlier today (not my best work but it will pass) and I fly back home tomorrow morning. I am tired and will be glad to get home and relax.

At least I was able to get all the things I wanted to accomplish on this trip done (and originally the paper was not one of them, it was supposed to be done prior to the trip but other things got in the way). The weather was cooperative for the most part, at least on the days when I had to work outside, and I am sure it will be lovely when I get home as well. Spring is here and now I can start to imagine the time to enjoy it.

I have a final left in this class before complete relief can set it. I start it on Friday and we have a few days to turn it in. After the stressors of the last two weeks, it should be a piece of cake...let's hope at least.

My flight home is with a different airline than before so I will get some food off them and aisle seats the whole way!!! Whoeee!!! So anyhow, my blogging will pick up now that I will be back in computer land...stay tuned.

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