Saturday, April 30, 2005

Razor Burns

Oh my, I think I just cut the crap out of my arm pit and my bikini line with my razor...

I don't have a holder for it in this shower like I do in my other shower, and even though I have no problem using the shower without knocking it down off the soap dish, J can't seem to use that shower without sending my razor crashing to the tub floor. I am thinking that these various falls have caused some kind of miniscule dings in the blade because I just used it and now both my pits and my bikini line are bleeding and the stinging under my arm from water even touching it is killing me.

I changed the blade just now but I am not sure that is going to fix the problem...I am thinking I have to find another way to store it, or I will continue to donate blood to the water supply. Ugh!!!!

1 comment:

cat said...

get the Intuition razor.. no really! i have it and i love it! and it sticks to the wall! and you don't even need shaving cream anymore! woot!