Friday, July 18, 2008


Okay, these are the options:

1. Smoking has become popular in Europe again and I just didn't know it therefore just about everyone smokes that lives there.

2. The only tourists from Europe are smokers.

3. Tourists from Europe become smokers while on holiday.

The smokers are driving me nuts. The only meals that I don't have to deal with it are at lunch when we eat at this little tiny (3 tables) Thai place that no tourists would ever go in.

No matter where I sit in our open air restaurant at the hotel, I am downwind from a smoker...I am sick of it. I guess I am spoiled being able to eat just about anywhere in the US and not dealing with it anymore.

NOTE: Sorry to all those smokers out there that read my blog, but since I know most of you in person, I know you are the considerate kind of smokers that don't do it when you know it bothers others around you....these tourists are not that type. They seem to think that everyone should enjoy smoking as much as them and since they are on holiday, no one else matters but them.


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Haha said...

I hope you are having fun on this trip - it seems like it has been rather agravating other than all the good reading you have gotten in. Europeans have always been keen on smoking although I heard it may be banned in outdoor cafe's in Paris now. That could cause a revolution as they are big smokers. Just a little common sense would help now wouldn't it?

Mishka said...

Actually, I am having a blast on this is just the peeves that surface when I am at the Internet cafe trying to think of something to write about....and since I can't really write about the trip itself (that will be put up on the travelblog when I get home), I have to blab about something....haha.

Chicken said...

Even when I smoked that kind of thing bothered me. I don't care who you are it is a disgusting smelly habit. In January you can no longer smoke in bars and restaurants here. That will be nice!