Monday, July 14, 2008

Geocaching on the Road

A few days ago, I found my first Thailand cache....amazing, I know, that I hadn't found one in Thailand before but I hadn't for some weird reason. So now I have Thailand as one of the countries I have found caches in. This one was located near a Wat that I probably wouldn't have seen if it weren't for the cache, and that is a great thing. The bad thing was that it was hidden in a spot that could have been better but oh well, it isn't my cache so I can't judge too much.

While in Taiwan, I found 3 caches during our travels and they were all pretty good ones. Two were in tourist destinations we were already headed for and one was in this park at the top of a hill near a pottery village and we really had to hike our butts off to get it. The view at the top was worth it and we found it once we got up there without a lot of trouble...and only a few pints of blood lost to mosquitos.

So on this trip, I have been able to add two new countries to my list and had some fun. I picked up a coin that I will drop in Japan when we get home...the cache here was a micro so no option to drop it there...


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Chicken said...

Super cool!! I was going to cache when we were camping but we ended up going to a different area than the ones I printed out. I still have to pick up your TB.