Monday, July 21, 2008

Chase Update

She is doing much better now. The medicine must have kicked in and my friend P who is watching her for me said she is eating and drinking like normal now. She has even gotten a bit frisky.

Retraining will have to occur when we get home since she is sleeping in their son's bed but oh well, I am just glad she is feeling well and in a happy environment....she just might not want to come home with us....haha.

I pick her up the morning after we get back for a grooming appointment...what a way to reintroduce her to us right? Poor thing but she'll feel better in the heat, not having that fur.


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Chicken said...

I am glad to hear that she is back to herself and you don't have to worry.

Just a Girl said...

Kitty just wanted attention. :)

Haha said...

I am so relieved that she is doing better and I know she can hardly wait to see her mom & dad, even though she may pout a day or two. Just give her lots of pets and she will forgive you! LOL