Sunday, July 27, 2008

Second Level of Hell

Okay, first I get talked into joining Myspace by my sister and my neice as a way for us to all stay in touch more and I really don't mind it now that I have it set up the way I want it to be and I don't download anything from it so I have not had any virus or trojan issues with it.

Now, I have started using Facebook as well. Hitch here is that I had to use my real name so I can't open it up to loyal readers here, unless you already know me in real life.....sorry, but I have to secure my anonymonity anyway I can (or at least delude myself that I have some, whichever the case may be), so if you are a family member or friend that is using Facebook and reads my blog, send me a add request and we'll get connected.

So far, I have had some fun customizing it and playing around with some of the applications....


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Just a Girl said...

I used a pseudonym-ish name myself and set up a completely new email so that I had control over who I friended.

I was really tight about it to begin but have relaxed a little and am now friends with RL people.

Chicken said...

Geez...well I will sign on when I have time. Oh the pressure!

franniestuff said...

So it takes up a lot of time--but am enjoying sending flowers, green patch, etc. One more push into the 21st century for me--lol