Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chase Issues

I got an email from my friend who is listed as the emergency contact for my cat while we are away, that Chase has been having issues at the kennel. I guess she is not eating and when she does, she throws it up. They took her to the emergency vet a couple of times and then to another vet the other day. They rehydrated her and have her taking some antibiotics and hopefully that will clear things up.

The consensus is that she is stressing out at the kennel. They moved her to a room that has no other cats in it to see if that will help. I have another friend that is willing to take her home for the remainder of the trip so that might be an option too. Lastly, I have a list of friends that have offered to visit her at the kennel so she doesn't feel so lonely if she does end up staying there.

I feel so bad for her. Last time she was at the kennel was when we moved back to Japan and she did fine but we were visiting her a lot and this time she has been on her own (even though it is a shorter stay). I am sure that has her worried. I am hoping with the help of my friends we can get her back on track and she'll be fine (but slightly pissed at us) when we get home.

We can't change our flight plans from the island here so that basically locks us into the flight plans out of Bangkok as well so there is no going back early...she will just have to tough it out like the rest of us.


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Haha said...

What great friends you have - I wish HaHa was close by and she would have babysat Chase. She will be fine as soon as she gets all those pets from you and J. Please enjoy your trip and try not to worry too much! I think friendly visits would be a great help to her.