Monday, July 14, 2008

Chase Update

Okay, word is that, besides being stressed out at the kennel, she also has a cold that requires the antibiotics. She received one dose at the emergency vet and then is on a two week eye/nose course so she must have an infection from the cold.

I noticed her heaving a bit a few days before we left but I just assumed it was from a hairball or something....didn't think for a second that she had a cold....the stress must have made it worse.

One of our brand new friends (seriously, I only met P a few weeks ago for the very first time) took Chase home today and she is already being spoiled and looked after. She probably won't want to come home with us....haha. It is amazing to me at times how awesome friends can be in our lives but time and time again, ours have proven to be so.

P has two cats of her own that are still in the states getting through quarantine so her family has been missing them quite a bit and Chase will fill in nicely especially since she loves to be petted....(much like a dog in that regard). I am thrilled with her to be out of the kennel, and I hope the drugs do the trick and she is back to her normal self in no time.

I am also thrilled that I don't have to worry about her too much the remainder of our trip and can count on our wonderful friends in Japan to be looking out for us in such a huge way.


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sourpuss said...

That's good news. I was worried/upset when I read the previous post. I'm glad she's home with someone who can love her up and take care of her until you get back.

Haha said...

Please tell P that Chase's Grammie thanks her for being so kind! Chase getting her daily pets will perk her right up!