Saturday, January 19, 2008

Project Update

Along with other things I accomplished today, I managed to get all my fabric washed and ironed again. I also designed my squares and purchased the Wonderunder to start the construction of squares. We are now each making 20 squares of each design so mine better be easy or I am in for some work.

I am also in the process of making 4 pillow covers for my friend K's livingroom. She really loves Hawaii and we found this cool print when we were shopping for our quilt material so we decided it give it a shot. I have made them before my own throw pillows (I have Christmas ones I put over my regular pillows so I don't have to store a whole pillow). I use velcro to close them so they are also washable...they should be cute when I am done. I'll take a picture.

My back is pretty much back to normal....I am not weight lifting on it yet but other than that, I am back to exercising (except I failed today). I better get going so I can get to bed and get up and get started on things bright and early tomorrow. I would love to knock my squares out and at least two of K's pillows before too many days go by because I do have filing, taxes and a hoard of other things pressing on my To Do list....

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