Monday, January 21, 2008

Fans Are Done

I picked three different squares to do for the quilt and I have finished the fans (they were the easiest to do). I am doing a little bit of stitching on the one I am keeping for myself as well as the one I will be donating to the charity quilt since everyone has to do their own stitching.

This is detail stitching on the "wood" part of the fan to make it a bit less 2 dimensional. I'll post a pic of it when I have completed the stitching for mine. I'll probably do the outline stitching too on the one we were donating since I don't know that anyone else will be up for it, but I'll have to check first to see if they want us to do that (who knows if they have a color of thread issue or not). The detail stitching I am doing by hand. I learned to do embroidery from my grandmother when I was a kid and amazingly enough still have some of those skills although I haven't embroidered in a while. I do cross stitches too but that is a different ball of wax....I just thought....I probably could use embroidery thread too instead of the regular thread I am using....duh!!! Oh well, I'll do it on the next one...haha gues that is the good thing about making 20 squares of each design, huh?

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