Thursday, January 17, 2008

Done Messing Around

Okay, today I am finished with messing around, procrastinating my life away.

I managed to get up at 6:30am (which is a feat when you don't have to get up that early), and went for a 2 1/3 mile walk. It started to sprinkle on me a bit while I was doing it but nothing I couldn't handle. I did my loop that takes me down near the beach and then back up through this cute park, and home through the sugar cane fields, mum farms and bull homes. It felt great to smell the ocean (not so much the bulls) and get some exercise in after having to take it easy for over a week now.

K and I were able to get a bit of the fabric we wanted for our squares yesterday. I found everything but the background for two of my squares. We are meeting a couple of the girls for coffee this morning and then hitting the shop again to see if we can get inspired. I will bring the fabric I have to match up and hopefully I'll come home with the right amount and can get started with my stuff. We found a really cool fabric for the is going to be so cool.

I have some other errands to run as well but I hope to get some more exercise in this afternoon if I can. I don't want to overdo it on my first day but I also want to grab the inspiration while I have it and not let it slip away. I am tired of feeling fat and looking tired and worn out....time to get it into gear. I know from experience that just by working out, I will feel a million times better about myself, have more energy, get more things accomplished and definitely be less stressed. I also know that all of those things make me feel more positive and that comes through in your posture and face as well so there is really no reason to not get with it.


Chicken said...

I know what you mean. Just be careful and don't re injure yourself. I can't wait to see your squares.

Haha said...

Great Mishka - I sometimes have to drag myself out of bed so I can exercise early - but I swear my day goes so much better at work and I usually have a bit more energy when I get home too! I am glad your back is feeling better.

Don't forget the sunscreen!

Mishka said...

It was raining on me during that walk so I don't think I need to worry too much. I felt great after doing it...too bad I didn't do it today too. I just need to get the habit started and I'll be set.