Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time Flies

I can't believe how quickly this month is going is already midway and it seems like it just started.

I decided long ago (some time this summer) to make the majority of my Christmas cards this year. I have all the supplies and it doesn't make sense to buy them when I could make them. I can't really warrant the purchases of more card supplies if I don't ever make the cards. I was on a roll for a while, doing birthday cards, but I just can't get the drive for the Christmas ones. I was supposed to have them finished in October. I am sure that once I get going, it will go pretty fast and it will be lots of fun.

Thing is, you have to have time in your day to do this, and I don't seem to. School has been a bit crazy this semester...some mix between how the teacher put the schedule together and my procrastination. Everyday, I tell myself that a portion of the day is going to be devoted to card making...and I end up doing a bunch of other stuff instead. Yesterday it was running around doing yard stuff and cleaning pet things that sucked up my day.

Today is cold outside and I plan to settle into some devoted card time, right after I exercise. I don't know that I have anything else on the docket but waiting for the heat pump service people for our fall maintenance. I guess we'll see what I come up with, huh?


J.a.G. said...

i've never been ambitious enough to make cards though i do like crafty things.

i used to make a decoration to give out with cards every year but haven't come across anything that has caught my fancy this year. guess everyone will have a naked spot on their trees!

good luck today with your project!

Joanne said...

One year I had a theory about making cards. It didn't pan out. :) So I look for cute ones and call it good. It isn't even like I have a lot of people to send them to, one box usually is it for me. I think it is because I get too hung up if it isn't just right.

Mishka said...

JAG- Last year when we were still in Japan, I made little origamis for everyone and put them in the cards (that I bought at the store)...unfortunately we send out about 70 that was a lot of folding and I was sick of them by the end.

Jo- I wish I didn't have as many to send as I do but J won't let me drop any of the deadbeats that don't send us cards off the list. Of course, he also doesn't do the no skin off his back. I probably won't make cards for everyone, just family and close friends. Aquaintances and co workers will get store bought ones I am sure.

Mind Sprite said...

I am hosting a drop-in card making session at work, so my helpers and I got together last week to make up some samples. I made 5 cards in 2 1/2 hours, so a few people will be getting homemade ones. I would love to make more, but between travelling for Thanksgiving, unpacking and holiday activities, I doubt I will make any more. People will be lucky to get their gifts wrapped!