Friday, November 04, 2005

Covering My Butt

Due to Ian's problems with a blog virus, I decided it was time to back up all of my templates. My templates aren't anything special, they are basic Blogger templates, but I have gone to a lot of trouble to "tweak" my sidebar, links, and such. I would be bummed to lose them. So I just "copy and paste"d them into word documents that I can access if I need them someday.

I also took the moment to back up some of my favorite posts just in case Blogger ever went away and the stuff that I have only written here was gone forever.


Ian said...

The virus thing happened to me TWICE again yesterday! That is seven times so far - I'm beginning to feel victimised!

I also used to back up my posts. They are all written in word anyway, but I edit them online afterwards, so what is saved is not the final version. I have saved copies of final versions up until August - must do the rest. Thanks for the reminder!

Mishka said...

I just figured I would be bummed if I lost some of the stuff that I have written (most of mine is not in word...eeekk), and after all the tweeking (which is really not that much) on the sidebar, it would suck to have to do it again.

I wonder what the deal they think they know what is causing the virus to strike only you?