Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Snow Monkey

I saw part of a show on Animal Planet the other day, and there was a segment on snow monkeys. They talked about how the ones in Japan in a particular area have learned that they can stay warm by getting in a natural "hot tub". Apparently, one of the females, saw some humans in the water and tried it, found it warm and has taught all the other monkeys in the tribe to do it.

Another thing that they love to do is groom each other (find delicious insect treats on other's bodies), and they are so obsessed with it, that you will find them grooming the local dear for ticks. I couldn't believe the deer just stand there and let the monkeys part their coats looking for ticks....I guess it is an easier way for the deer to lose the ticks...

Anyhow, this one monkey has taken to removing the deer ticks and then putting them on himself so that the other monkeys will come over and groom him...nice huh?

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Randi said...

wow, that's wild. wish i would've caught it. bummer.