Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sharp Objects May Be Allowed on Planes - Yahoo! News

What are they thinking????

Do they not remember that it wasn't a bomb or a gun that crashed those four planes a few years ago?

This is so stupid I don't know even where to begin. They make it sound like bombs and guns have gotten by because they were busy looking for scissors, which is not the case...they xray the bags just like normal...and should be looking for anything suspicious...duh!!!! I have a little pair of scissors that I use all the time and they are sharper than any knife I own...I could do some serious damage with those things.

It is completely a joke that the last line of this article states that it will be better for customers and security personnel. After all this time, what idiots are still bringing forbidden things with them on the plane. It astounds me that they would even have to take anything from anyone anymore unless that individual brought the item on purpose while planning to do something bad. I have flown a gazillion times since 9/11/01 and I have not once had to hand over anything....because I MAKE SURE ALL DISALLOWED ITEMS ARE IN MY CHECKED BAGS if I need to bring them!!!! How hard is that to understand? I even bought plastic crochet hooks for my flight once just so I wouldn't have to worry about them telling me to throw out my metal ones.

In Asia (even before 9/11/2001), the airlines will take anything from you that is sharp, in fact they will even take shaving cream from you, but they give it back to you when you get off the plane. They also xray all bags when you approach the ticket you can lock your bags before checking them (I won't even go into how efficiently they board planes and disembark planes over there). I don't understand why our system has not caught up to the rest of the world in efficiency, service level and security (not to mention, common sense).

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ha ha said...

When we went to Oki it was during the SARS scare and I was so impressed when we arrived in Osaka that they had a hugh thermometer that you walked through so they could take your temp and would pull those aside that needed further scrutiny, and others were immediatly on their way. We are so far behind the times it is unreal!