Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And The Saga Continues...

Well, it looks like the thieves also hacked into the email account that I have associated with most of my online retail activities. Just like in Ian's comment on this post, not only did they get into the E account but the mail account too.

So I am in the process of changing all the passwords I have, and that is quite an ordeal. It is a good lesson for me though, because fortunately, nothing really bad happened and I am learning how important it is to change passwords frequently and make them difficult to figure out (have always done this). I am also refraining from using the same password more than once.

One other thing I have learned is that I should keep in those accounts as little info about me as I can (which is hard sometimes because they have to verify you when you make purchases). I am pretty careful about staying anonymous in all other aspects of Internetland but I need to be more diligent in the retail environment. None of their systems are as secure as they like to think they are, and I am sure that there is a serious glitch in the E system that is causing this kind of security hole.

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