Thursday, June 09, 2005


I had my first soccer game last night. I was a bit nervous about it throughout the day but nothing too crazy. I showed up on time to find out that our team didn't play until the later game. I settled in for watching a game when one of the teams announced they didn't have enough players to start and would I mind filling in. So I did.

It was warm and muggy with thunderstorms looming but it started to downpour halfway through so that cooled things off a bit. I ended up playing the whole game for them. I was pretty much smoked after a few minutes as it has been 9 months since I played and I am so out of "running" shape. I exercise pretty regularly but running is not usually part of my program. I basically only run if there is a soccer ball involved.

We had started late so the team I actually play on was there when the game finished up. I introduced myself and switched jerseys to play again. Fortunately our team had extra players so I didn't play the entire second game. I am sure my muscles and feet are very thankful. We won by quite a margin, but then there are some awesome players on our team. It was a lot of fun, even if we didn't get out of there until an hour after we were supposed to due to the late start.

I have another game tonight, which hopefully will be easier on my body than last night.

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Chicken said...

Right on!! I'm glad you had fun.