Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I was at Lowe's the other day looking at different bottles of pesticides (I know....bad, bad, but when you live in cockroach land and you are afraid of cockroaches, you have to take extreme measures), and I kept getting asked by other shoppers about the products.

I don't know if I was wearing a shirt that looked like I worked there, or if I just looked like I knew something about bug spray but for some reason, I kept getting asked which product was better, what to do about red ants, cockroaches and was very strange.

I was glad to help where I could, although I am far from an expert, but I just thought it was curious that I looked like I had the answers...I wish I could look like that more often.


Mind Sprite said...

I get people asking me directions ALL the time. I guess I look trust worthy. Little do they know.....bwaahaaahahahaahaaa!

And don't worry about the pesticide thing. I try to do organic gardening, but there are just some cases where you need the strong stuff. Just choose the least toxic one first. Do they even make things that actually kill cockroaches? I thought they were indestructible!

Joanne said...

Boric Acid. If I remember correctly that's what my father swears by to kill cockroaches. It is a white powder that you put along the baseboards and into their cockroach hole if you can find it. When it comes to cockroaches, I believe in taking no chances. I'm terrified of them!