Friday, June 24, 2005

A. Retentive...That's What I Am

This is how bad I awesome Pampered Chef peeler (looks like a regular potato peeler but works amazingly better) was in the dishwasher and I needed to peel some cucumber for salad.

I decide to look in our gadget drawer on the off chance (who am I kidding, there is no off chance) that I have a back up peeler in there (basically the old one before I bought the PC one...) and guess what? I did!!! So sad, I know.

I am sure there is medication for this, and if there isn't, perhaps there should be.


Ian said...

When you find you have a back up ice cube tray - *that's* when it gets sad :)

Mishka said...

Actually, our fridge has an ice maker but our last one didn't, so I am sure I have back up icetrays somewhere in those cupboards...haha.