Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pavlov's Dog

I admit it, I am a creature of habit.

When we lived in Japan, we would get paid in US Dollars but in order to pay our rent, and utilities, we had to have Yen (they don't really do checks there). So near the end of every month, I would withdraw the money from the bank, and take it to a superstore called Jusco. At Jusco they had two machines provided by an inhouse bank to exchange US Dollars to Japanese Yen. Everyone knew that Jusco had an equal or better rate than anywhere else locally so sometimes the line would be long to exchange money.

After exchanging my money, I would peruse the store, usually picking out some sushi and a canned sweet iced tea for lunch. This became a bit of a habit. If I didn't get sushi from Jusco, then I would head across the street to a conveyor belt sushi bar (we affectionately called "Sushi-Go-Round"), and eat my fill there for lunch with some green tea on the side.

Now it seems that every time I go to run errands, I get a hankering for sushi. Fortunately for me, the grocery store I shop at has an inhouse sushi bar so I have been able to quench that thirst each time. I have to wonder if, when I am old and tired, will running to the pharmacy for my multitude of medications will induce sushi cravings or not. Can you tell I just got home from running errands, and boy was that sushi good?!


Chicken said...

Just hearing you talk about it make me want to go back right now!!
MMMMM Yoshi's.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, I have to tell you that the Sushi I had in Oki was so wonderful and so was the liquor we had. I have a Japanese restaurant around the corner from my work and when they are preparing the meat for the dinner hour it smells up the whole block, (great marketing tool), and even though I am a vegetarian, it smells so good and reminds me of some happy days in Oki. Ha Ha