Monday, June 06, 2005

Forced To Do It

Well, we reached that temp where I have to turn on the AC or have warm floating fish in my tank...

It is not any hotter than the previous post about this subject but it has maintained it for a few days and that is enough to get the tank nice and warm. I have been dropping ice cubes (probably not the best thing) in there to cool it down some but it is still hovering around 84-86 degrees which is really limit of what they can take.

So I broke down, closed all the windows, shut the shades and set the AC at 80 degrees. That should be enough to keep them in the cool range without over killing my need for warmth and low utility bills...I might be able to turn it off at night since the temps are lower then and the house will already be coolish.

I am bummed because I think the AC is what makes the outdoors feel hotter and muggier than it really is. Oh well, for the good of the fish, it is okay for now. I am sure it will get hotter later and I'll be glad we have the option.

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cat said...

i will take your AC if you don't want it. ours has decided to die and i have been suffering since. we spent three bloody hours putting it in the window and once we got it all set up? it died. darn! i have now been awake due to heat for 4 days. grr. i hate heat!